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David Walz Gunsmith

David Walz Gunsmithing FFL Dealer

I am a FFL dealer and I work on firearms. Call us today for an appointment to repair your firearm, transfer a firearm, or sell you a firearm. We are located in the Wasilla area and we can see you after work, the weekends, just call and set up an appointment.


Visit our web page for more information on the gunsmithing and FFL dealer. Click on the M1911 picture below.

I am now building the AR 15 firearm, the parts are only quality USA made parts, using the Rock River Arms parts and the Aero Receiver. This is a really good firearm, it is checked out and ready to go. See more information on: AR 15

We provide different services for your firearm. We would be pleased to give you an estimate to repair your firearm.
Transfer fee's:
Firearm Receiving Fee
Long Gun Fee: $35.00 4473 Form
Hand Gun Fee: $35.00 4473 Form
NICS Check Fee: $15.00

NRA Member
Call us for an appointment, we would be glad to give you a estimate for firearms repairs, transfer a firearm, and more.
David Walz Gunsmith
Owner of Wasilla Locksmith Safe and Vault
5711 W Raspberry Loop
Wasilla Alaska 99623
Phone: +1 907-315-0525

A CZ-52 Completely restored.

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